With over 10 years of experience as a mastering engineer, 30 years of experience as a hip-hop artist/producer (Bored Stiff), a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics (U.C. Berkeley), and a Masters' degree in Biomedical Engineering (Mayo Clinic Graduate School/College of Medicine), Pablo Infinity (aka The Professor, aka P. Whaley) is a true scientist of sound and brings a unique blend of creative and technical abilities to the art of mastering. In fact, his graduate studies were specifically focused on the healing effects of ultrasound on the body.

Pablo's first experience with mastering was back in the mid 1990s, when his group Bored Stiff got their debut EP mastered by Ken Lee (Rocket Lab, SF). Already an audiophile and technologist, he was instantly enchanted by the analog gear, the knobs and meters, the high quality monitors, and the process of making things sound better. Since 2009, he's been honing his craft as a mastering engineer and building his studio from the ground up. It includes a unique blend of world class analog gear, top-of-the-line digital processing tools, amazing monitors, and custom built acoustic treatment.

While he embraces the benefits and workflow of digital technology, Pablo believes what's missing from much of today's sonic landscape is the "analog soul" (captured by analog gear with real tubes, capacitors, and transformers). Clients will truly appreciate his sonic wizardry, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering masters that are ready for the world.

Scientist of Sound.